A Special Thank You to Veterans Past, Present, and Future

Memorial Day has been an American holiday for a very long time. Some people may be surprised to know it wasn't always know as Memorial Day. Originally, this holiday was know as Decoration Day, which started a few years after the Civil War. It wasn't until 1971 that it became an official federal holiday. The true purpose I'm writing this is to say thank you to all those who have selflessly served in the past, present, and even those looking to enlist and serve in the future. When signing up, you are agreeing to pay the ultimate price so others may enjoy freedom. However, lets not forget their family too. Unfortunately, they too will also pay a price in the event something goes wrong. As much

Could You Run 200 Miles in One Day?

Could you run 200 miles in one day? How about in two days? Sound impossible? Well it's not if you are an adventure seeker! So how exactly is 200 miles completed in two days or less? The RAGNAR is a 200 mile relay that you complete with a team of 6 (known as an "Ultra team") or a team of 12 people. The particular one that I have run multiple times now is the Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois RAGNAR. The run starts in Madison and over the course of one or two days you finish in Chicago. The 200 miles are broken up into 36 different running legs, all varying distances and difficulties. With a 6 person Ultra team, each runner will complete 6 different running legs. In a 12 person team, eac

Do You Meet The US Minimum Fitness Standard?

Right now, as you read this, do you think you could pass the United States Marine recruit acceptance minimum standards? The USMC has an Initial Strength Test (IST) for all potential candidates looking to join. The IST is a shortened version of the USMC Physical Fitness Test. The following fitness events are the minimum and must be passed prior to shipping out to boot camp: Males 2 Pull-ups 44 Sit ups in 2 minutes 1.5 Mile run in 13:30 Females Flexed arm hang for 12 seconds 44 Sit ups in 2 minutes 1 Mile run in 10:30 So where do you stand? Could you complete the minimums for each event? If not, now may be the perfect time to fix that. Currently, Elite Endurance will be running a special Summe

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