Could You Run 200 Miles in One Day?

RAGNAR Relay Run

Could you run 200 miles in one day? How about in two days? Sound impossible? Well it's not if you are an adventure seeker! So how exactly is 200 miles completed in two days or less?

The RAGNAR is a 200 mile relay that you complete with a team of 6 (known as an "Ultra team") or a team of 12 people. The particular one that I have run multiple times now is the Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois RAGNAR. The run starts in Madison and over the course of one or two days you finish in Chicago. The 200 miles are broken up into 36 different running legs, all varying distances and difficulties.

With a 6 person Ultra team, each runner will complete 6 different running legs. In a 12 person team, each runner will complete 3 different running legs. After each running leg, you will get time to rest before you're up to run again. Each team will need one or two vans to transport and pick up runners as they make their way to Chicago.

I have been asked many times what it's like to complete this 200 mile relay. The best way to describe it is like a childhood sleep over. Imagine being trapped in a van with your best friends for 24 or more hours. You will have a mix of feelings and emotions. This can range from happiness, fatigue, soreness, sleep deprivation, to finally feeling true accomplishment as you finish and realize you and your best friends just ran 200 miles together!

RAGNAR Relay Finish

If you're interested in learning how to prepare and train for the RAGNAR Relay 200 mile challenge, please feel free to stop by Elite Endurance or contact me at:

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