6 Exercises to prove you are fit to fight in World War 2


With Memorial Day still fresh in our minds, I though it would be interesting to see how well we stack up against "The Greatest Generation".

There were six test used to test the physical readiness of each Army soldier during World War 2. Here is the list:

  1. Pull-ups (7 is the minimum)

  2. Squat Jumps (31 is the minimum)

  3. Push-ups (27 is the minimum)

  4. Sit-ups (52 Sit-ups in two minutes)

  5. 300-yard Run (52.5 seconds)

At first glance this test seems pretty easy. However, the standards were strict and quality was not sacrificed for quantity. Each exercise was stopped when you could no longer perform a quality rep or hit the 2 minute time limit in the Sit-ups. By far, the Push-up and Pull-up were the hardest exercises to perform. These two exercises had very precise movements needed, in order for the rep to count.

Push-ups were performed with perfect form and started with the arms fully extended and the body straight from the head to the heels. From there, you would lower yourself to the judges hand, which was flat (palm down) on the ground underneath the lowest part of the performer's chest. Once you touched the judges flat hand you went back up to fully extended arms to restart your next rep.

The Pull-up was started by hanging at full length from the bar with straight arms. Your palms were facing away from your face. You began by pulling yourself up without any swinging, kipping, or jerking of the trunk or legs. The movement was finished when you pulled your chin above the bar. From here, you lowered your body until the elbows were completely straight again.

So now, the question is, could you complete the required amount of reps for each exercise? If so, congratulation, you are fit enough to fight in World War 2. If not, perhaps it is time to take a good look at your current fitness level and commit to making a change for the better. After all, we may not be going to war to fight, but everyday life requires a certain level of fitness as well.

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