Time and energy, how are you spending yours?

We are just a few days from celebrating Thanksgiving and then it's on to Christmas and the New Year. During these last two months I always notice people either become happier or much, much unhappier.

But why is this? Isn't the holidays supposed to bring out the best in all of us?

As happy and joyous as the advertisements or holiday movies attempt to make you feel, sometimes it just doesn't work. While everyone is different, there are some common themes that you find in everyone. As the year comes to a close often times we are forced to look back and reflect on those goals we set at the New Year. This could be a good thing, but also a bad thing.

How did you fair? Did you set out and achieve the goals you set for yourself? If not, it becomes easy to view the whole thing as just another wasted year. But fear not because the New Year is just around the corner! However, most people will set goals once again and fall short this time next year too.

So what's the secret? Honestly there really isn't one. It's simply just doing what you know is right and taking it one month, one week, or even one day at a time. Set yourself up for small ACHIEVABLE victories. You will find it much easier to win the small battles, but at the end of the year those small battles will amount to one large winning victory!

I know my time lately has been consumed with getting the gym cleaned and ready for the Grand Opening in January. At first the task seemed overwhelming, but taking it one day at a time has proven to be the most successful strategy. Like anything in life, it's not about the finish, but more so about the journey to get there!

Above are a few photos of the work in progress, enjoy! And please remember as the holidays are upon us, truly think about what you're spending your time and energy on. If it's not spent on reaching your goals, perhaps it's wasted time and energy then.


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