All Women's Group Fitness Class

Often times gyms have a stigma of being uncomfortable for a lot of women. At Elite Endurance we want to take that stigma away and help women have a friendly, fun, and comfortable place to workout at. We offer an all women's class that will challenge both your strength and cardiovascular conditioning. 

The all Women's class focuses on overall strength and conditioning. During each 1-hour session, the class will focus on mixing strength and cardiovascular exercises into a fun, challenging and exciting workout that is outside the norm of what people have come to expect from a gym. All classes will start with a dynamic warm up focusing on flexibility and balance. After the warm up, the workout starts and the real fun begins! Classes will change up frequently to keep you excited and free from the boredom and burnout most programs cause.  

All Women's Group fitness class 12 weeks

Tuesday - Friday from 6 pm - 7 pm.